Networx By IRIS Software Update: Insights

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Networx Insights

About this webinar:

Having all of the information you need, right at your fingertips, has become an imperative requirement for recruiters. The last few years have shown that recruiters need to be consistently vigilant in monitoring both candidates, as well as their internal staff, in processing applications and vacancies in the most efficient way possible.

The networx By IRIS product team are proud to be launching our new Insights Module, which will grant users the ability to create their own screens, filled with insight components, which will detail different areas of the recruitment process.

Why not build a vacancies insight, with components like:

  ➼ Live vacancy performance

  ➼ New responses to vacancies

  ➼ Vacancies due to expire

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Kerry O'Reilly

Kerry O’Reilly

Product Owner, IRIS Software Group