Networx Masterclass: Interview Booking

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Recruitment masterclass: Interview Booking

About this webinar:

Are you ready to Recruit like a pro? Join the mission

With over 20 years of recruitment experience, IRIS Networx has supported hundreds of HR and in-house recruitment teams across the UK to improve the efficiency of their recruitment activities and maximise success. As a result, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and we are on a mission to empower those currently tackling the challenges of filling vacancies across their organisations.

Introduce a stress-free interview process that candidates can’t wait to be part of.  

How to streamline your interview booking process to deliver significant time and cost benefits to both recruiters and potential new hires.  

Discover how to be a recruitment pro as we cover:
  ➼ Communicating the process  
  ➼ Self-selection Interviews 
  ➼ Building future talent pool

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Marco Ingasci – Senior Account Development Executive, IRIS Software Group