Networx Masterclass: Sourcing

About this webinar:

Are you prepared to recruit like a pro? Join our mission.

For over two decades, IRIS Networx has assisted countless HR and in-house recruitment teams across the UK in enhancing the productivity of their recruitment processes and achieving the best possible outcomes. Consequently, we possess an abundance of expertise and experience to impart, and we aspire to empower those presently facing the obstacles of filling positions throughout their companies.

Leverage the power of social media recruiting to reach millions of more candidates. 

Ready to understand how other organisations are using social media advertising to expand their sourcing strategies beyond the active jobseeker market?

In this masterclass we will cover:
  ➼ Platforms to be considered 
  ➼ Creating the all-important hook  
  ➼ Success Stories  

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Hayley Robinson – Strategic Sales Development Executive,  IRIS Software Group

Marco Ingasci – Senior Account Development Executive, IRIS Software Group