Introducing the Next-Generation Payroll Bureau Software

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Bureau webinar

About this webinar:

We would like to invite you to our webinar to find out more about IRIS and our long-term strategy and vision for our payroll software for bureaus.

You’ll get to preview our next-generation, cloud-based payroll bureau software that is designed specifically to meet the unique demands faced by payroll service providers.

Join our Payroll Product Directors, Fran Williams and Nigel Francis and Pre-Sales Executive, Zac Street, at IRIS to learn more about:

➼ Our vision and strategy of IRIS and our payroll bureau software

➼ What the future of IRIS payroll bureau software looks like and what that means for you

➼ An overview and demonstration of our cloud-based payroll software for bureaus

➼ The next steps and how you can find out more

➼ Q&A with our Product Directors

Please note: This webinar is aimed at organisations that provide outsourced payroll services for other businesses such as accountants and payroll bureaus.


Fran Williams

Fran Williams

Payroll Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Nigel Francis

Nigel Francis

Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Zac Street

Zac Street

Pre-Sales Executive, IRIS Software Group