Performance management - how to keep staff engaged and productive

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Performance management - how to keep staff engaged and productive

About this webinar:

Career progression, alongside learning & development (L&D) opportunities, are ranked as one of the most desirable aspects of a role.

But how can you ensure you’re offering people the appropriate opportunities? Simple, by having excellent performance management processes.

Join Anthony Wolny, Communications Business Partner, Lizzy Barry, HR Director, and Stuart Bate, Cascade Product Expert as they uncover the pillars of employee engagement, career progression and learning & development (L&D) opportunities.

They’ll guide you on how to provide the right avenues for growth. One critical aspect is a robust performance management system.

An engaged employee is a productive employee. It’s time to learn how software can be your ally in seamlessly managing performance, ensuring your team stays engaged, motivated, and invested in their growth within your organisation.

Stuart will showcase IRIS Cascade to demonstrate how it can revolutionise your performance management processes and drive success.

Watch this webinar on-demand, packed with insights and strategies to nurture a culture of growth and engagement.

It’s time to empower your team, elevate your organisation, and embrace a future of thriving employees.

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Lizzy Barry – HR Director, IRIS Software Group

Stuart Bate – Pre-Sales Executive and IRIS Cascade Product Expert, IRIS Software Group

Anthony Wolny – Communications Business Partner, IRIS Software Group