Prioritise Your People’s Growth or Risk Losing Talent

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People Growth Talent Holding Slide | Prioritise Your People’s Growth or Risk Losing Talent

About this webinar:

Employees across the UK have faced a turbulent couple of years, with many feeling career aspirations have been put on hold as a result of pandemic challenges.

According to research by IRIS Software Group and YouGov, 47% of workers don’t see a clear path to progression and 68% are facing delayed career growth due to a lack of support from their line managers and HR teams.

Watch now to hear from:

Mervyn Dinnen, HR Analyst, Researcher and Writer

Stephanie Coward, Managing Director for HCM at IRIS Software Group

Sabah Chohan, Communications Manager at IRIS Software Group

Here are some of the topics our panelists explored:

– The lay of the land – we’ve lived through The Great Resignation and The Great Return, what’s next?
– What are the blockers when it comes to employee development and how can you support your staff?
– How can technology help you retain and attract top talent?