Remove the COVID-19 Equipment Loans Headache with IRIS Assets


Our ‘Remove the COVID 19 Equipment Loans Headache with IRIS Assets’ webinar covered how we can use the power of the 1:1 loan manager to track every element of the loan of IT equipment, during the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond:

  • Tracking your loaned IT equipment is a breeze with our QR code sticker system, simply use the mobile app to scan the QR code of the asset that you would like to loan in the 1:1 loan screen. We can a QR coding process as part of implementation to take this hassle away from you.
  • Capture parents’ contact details and even signatures on Terms and Conditions so that you have a full audit trail of the loan, and upload these in bulk using the 1:1 Manager
  • Reporting in 1:1 loan manager gives you total visibility of what equipment is loaned out and to whom, so that you can remove the Who? What? When? Where? From the equipment loan process.