Resourcing: is there more than one way to scale up your firm?

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resourcing email | Resourcing: is there more than one way to scale up your firm?

About this webinar:

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the right level of staff within the industry. People’s expectations of the job are different than they used to be – they want to grow and progress quickly; feel valued; want to do more sophisticated type of work; like hybrid working etc.

With increasing compliance there will be increasing volume of work to get through. MTD is once in a lifetime opportunity to “reshape” the way the firm operates, along with the way the accountants value themselves and set the pricing for their services.

There is a potential to grow your client base due to high demand. But you need to ensure that you will be actually improving your bottom line rather than increasing the volume of work. You need to automate and speed up the manual, heavy load, low paid type of jobs in order to become more efficient and getting the time to offer higher value services.

What will this webinar cover?

– Challenges accountants are facing
– Solutions to those challenges
– The real time left before MTD kicks in
– The cost of doing nothing