Simplifying AML with IRIS: Compliance, Risk Assessment, and KYC in the Cloud

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About this webinar:

Join our experts in finding out how IRIS can assist with the complexities of Anti Money Laundering, from Compliance Guidance on Policies & Procedures, Firm Wide Risk Assessments and KYC (Knowing Your Clients), to optional ID checks to check your clients are not sat on a Sanctions Listings, Elements AML is sat in the Cloud. This webinar will include a live demo of the Elements AML package.


• Synchronisation between IAS & Elements AML

• Firm Wide Risk Assessment & Policies & Procedures

• Uploading documents to support AML

• Risk Assessments & KYC

• Enhanced ID checking (including batch checks)

• Reminders to reassess clients

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Steve Murray
Pre-Sales Consultant, IRIS Software Group

Simon Collen
Elements AML Product Owner, IRIS Software Group