Stay ahead: Discover the latest updates of IRIS Networx

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Networx Product Update

About this webinar:

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of IRIS Networx?

Watch our product update webinar where we unveiled the latest improvements and gave a sneak peek into the exciting upcoming features.

What to expect

➼ Introducing Recent Enhancements: Get an overview of the newest updates that are revolutionising the way you handle recruitment processes with Networx.

➼ A Glimpse into the Future: Be the first to witness the upcoming features and functionalities that are on the horizon.

➼ Insights from the Networx Management Team: Our team of experts will provide updates on various aspects of Networx, including dedicated support and platform stability assurance.

➼ Shape the Future: Your feedback is crucial in driving our innovation.

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Kerry O’Reilly – Product Owner, IRIS Software Group

Dylan Kimber – Senior Manager – Product Management, IRIS Software Group