Streamlining Your Finance Operations: The Benefits of Outsourcing

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About this webinar:

Many companies face growing complexities in managing their internal finance functions. The recruitment process and costs associated with it seem to be sky rocketing at the moment.

In this webinar we will explore how outsourcing can be strategically leveraged as a valuable tool to optimise financial processes, enhance efficiency, and drive overall business growth.

Discover how IRIS Outsourcing can support your internal finance function on a long term or short term basis.

Remove the repetitive tasks that are usually volume heavy so that your internal finance teams can focus on reporting & the analytical side to support your business now and in the future.

We will talk you through the type of work you can get outsourced to us and discuss what the onboarding process looks like. 


  • What is Outsourcing
  • How can you outsource your internal finance function
  • How can outsourcing support your existing finance team
  • What type of work can you outsource to IRIS
  • What does the onboarding process look like


Eva Mrazikova
Head of Product Marketing, Accountancy, IRIS Software Group

Paul Crossley
Pre-Sales Specialist, IRIS Software Group