Taking on MTD- For you and your clients

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About this webinar:

How can you take on MTD for you and your clients?

Breaking it down and understanding the essentials are key.

We’re hereto help you with this . With our 41- year track record in being ahead of the game on accounting legislation, we’re perfectly placed to do so.

The session will be hosted by our tax product specialists Sean Deverell and Corbyn Turner.

What will I learn?

April 2022 MTD PILOT- the time is fast approaching, are you ready?

-What will you need to do, how to identify clients within your practice and support is available to you

We will help prepare your practice and clients for MTD through exploring:

-What is MTD? The processes and timelines
-How the basis period consultation will impact MTD
-Impact of the administrative burden

How IRIS Software can help ease the burden of MTD:

-Demos of how MTD is implemented in IRIS to help you understand the new workflows.
-Handling of digital record keeping
-Submission of financial data