Unlock the power of simplicity, the future of payroll

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The power of simplicity, the future of payroll

About this webinar:

It’s time to unlock the power of simplicity and get ready for the future of payroll. The days of printing reports and tapping numbers into a handheld calculator are long gone, but we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to innovating in the payroll industry. As more technology becomes available, and the role of a payroll professional becomes so much more than paying employees, we are beginning to see the true possibilities of the future of payroll.

In this webinar Caroline Gammon, HCM Market Specialist and Fran Williams, Product Director at IRIS Software Group are joined by industry expert Dianne Hoodless MSC ChFCIPP FHEA, Head of Group Payroll at TFG Brands to talk about the future and unlock your power to prepare for it.

This webinar covers:

➼ The evolution of payroll
➼ Freeing up time to be more strategic
➼ Payroll as an aspirational career
➼ Using the tools already in your toolbox

You don’t want to miss this ticket to the future! 

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Caroline Gammon Circle | Unlock the power of simplicity, the future of payroll

Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Fran Williams

Fran Williams

Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Dianne Hoodless

Dianne Hoodless MSC CHFCIFF FHEA

Head of Group Payroll, TFG Brands (London)