The Power of Building a Data-driven 2022 Strategy

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MicrosoftTeams image 6 | The Power of Building a Data-driven 2022 Strategy

About this webinar:

How do you ensure your school or MAT grows effectively in 2022? The simple answer: a data-driven culture. With rich data and insights at the heart of strategy, schools and MATs can make smarter decisions and improve pupil outcomes. To truly drive forward as a changemaker in 2022, the need for improved EdTech and a future ready MIS has never been more important.

Catch up with our webinar, now available on-demand, to join education experts Nic Clark and Tom Kershaw in their discussion regarding:

  • Why remote learning and technology have been positive outcomes of the pandemic and how we bring this back into the norm
  • What forward-thinking schools are doing in 2022
  • Turning data disorganisation into data-driven strategy
  • How a more strategic digital approach will empower your staff to work smarter, allow your students to excel, promote wellbeing and improve online security
  • How IRIS Ed:gen can help schools and MATs with their 2022 strategy

Nicolas Clark – Senior product manager (Ed:gen), IRIS software group

Tom Kershaw – Education market specialist, IRIS software group

IRIS Ed:gen