Uncovering the Secrets to a Successful 360-Survey

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About this webinar:

Running an effective 360 survey project in your organisation can be straightforward – if you have the right plan and tools in place.  A successful 360 will help to:

  ➼ Develop your people
  ➼ Support higher-performing teams
  ➼ Retain and motivate talent
  ➼ Improve leadership

GFB’s Partnership Director Elise Cope and Lead Consultant Miriam Luke explore the impact on organisations of using a structured and objective approach to running 360 survey projects using strength-based feedback.

During this 30 minute session, they will cover:

  ➼ What is a 360 survey?
  ➼ Why should you run a 360 survey in your organisation?
  ➼ How do you ensure that your 360 survey is successful with a long-term impact


Miriam Luke

Miriam Luke

Lead Consultant, GFB

Elise Cope | Uncovering the Secrets to a Successful 360-Survey

Elise Cope

Partnership Director, GFB