Understanding the DfE Chart of Accounts: everything you need to know

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If you’re a Trust, thinking about the move to the Academies Chart of Accounts (ACoA) automation tool, then you won’t want to miss this webinar from the Department for Education and IRIS.

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The ACoA automation technology means you can submit your account data straight from your financial management software to the Accounts Return form. The aim is to save you time and reduce any errors involved. IRIS is working with the DfE to support schools and make the right technology available to as many Trusts as possible.


– Andrew Finck, Customer Success Manager, IRIS Education

– Melissa Bird, API Product Owner & AR Automation Lead, Department for Education

– Nicola Leslie, (JOB TITLE TBC), Department for Education

Here’s what the webinar will cover

Melissa Bird and Nicola Leslie:

  1.  Information on the chart of the accounts.
  2. How to add new account codes.
  3. How to structure cost centers for internal reporting.
  4. How to data transfer process works.
  5. A demonstration of the new automation functionality in the Accounts Return.

Andrew Finck:

  1. How IRIS is making the chart of accounts available.
  2. IRIS’s involvements with the automation project and when it will be available for our customers.
  3. Timelines, any cost implications for our customers in changing to chart of accounts, and using the automation functionality.

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