Futureproofing your finances

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Are you confident that your academies’ finances are futureproofed?

If not, don’t worry; join us for an unmissable session to explore the what’s, whys and how of academy finance. We’ll break the issue down to its simplest form, discussing why trust even need a finance system to begin with and the role that they have to play in the education system.

Next, we’ll review the unique financial challenges that MATs can expect to face over the coming months, and how to choose a finance system that’s tough enough to stand up to them. You’ll leave the session with a great understanding of finance software’s role and will be able to confidently invest in your academies’ financial futures.

Key topics and questions covered will include:

– What does it mean to futureproof trust finances, and how do you do it?

– What fiscal challenges will education face over the coming years?

– How can you build a software infrastructure to tackle these challenges?

Webinar Speakers –

Andrew Finck, Customer Success Manager, IRIS Education

Will Terry, Presales Consultant, IRIS Education

Helen Dowsett, Senior Account Manager, School Business Services

Products associated/mentioned –

IRIS Financials

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