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If you’re looking for an MIS that actively helps you to improve student outcomes, look no further. 

IRIS Ed:gen is a fresh new approach to school administration that heralds the next generation of school MIS – and we’re running through everything the system has to offer in this insightful webinar. 

Join us on the 8th of June at 4pm to learn how IRIS Ed:gen can make it easy for schools to spot data trends, enabling them to become more proactive, productive and successful. 

MIS experts Lucy Newman and Max Glover will guide you through a full rundown of the IRIS Ed:gen system, followed by a Q&A to answer your burning questions. 

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Topics Covered –

Look and feel of Ed:gen including brief introduction to:

– Attendance

– Behavior

– Communication


Lucy Newman, Education Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Max Glover, Senior Sales Executive, IRIS Software Group

Helen Dowsett, Senior Account Manager, School Business Services

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