Unlock Your Power to Thrive in 2023

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Holding Slide | Unlock Your Power to Thrive in 2023

About this webinar:

As we head into 2023 and a period of economic uncertainty, those organisations that thrive will be focused and aligned. We need our teams and colleagues on their A-game: engaged and committed to the mission. Yet very few organisations have the right tools to be able to listen holistically to the issues their people are raising.

Do you know where you have areas of your business that are disengaging – or worse – are they already thinking about leaving? What are the issues that are driving this dissatisfaction?

In this webinar, Caroline Gammon, HR Market Specialist at IRIS, and David Stobs-Stobart, Head of Product at Qlearsite, will cover:

➼ A roundup of the current thought-leadership in how retention risk is the key indicator to watch;

➼ The importance of listening to your people and how proactively managing employee retention has a sound business case;

➼ How technology can help collect the right feedback, find the root causes and take action.


| Unlock Your Power to Thrive in 2023

Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

| Unlock Your Power to Thrive in 2023

David Stobs-Stobart

Head of Product, Qlearsite