Unlock the power of the payslip

About this webinar:

Do your payroll personnel find themselves with a flurry of queries post-payslip release? If your payroll is a particularly complicated one with varying shift patterns and rates, you may find this even more of a problem.

As part of the Employment Rights Act 1996, all employers are required to provide their employees and workers with payslips by law. Research we conducted in partnership with Yougov showed that communication around pay is vital, with 37% of respondents stating they get anxious or stressed when there are delays in receiving their payslip and a further 20% stating a lack of communication around pay would make them look for a new job.

The link between fair remuneration and employee engagement has long been established, and providing your employees with the tools to properly understand their payslips is a quick and easy way to engage your employees and reduce queries coming back to your payroll department.

In this mini masterclass, IRIS expert David Bloxham will be covering:

  ➼  What information should be included on a payslip
  ➼  Understanding deductions
  ➼  Identifying variances and troubleshooting

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Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday 15th March

Time/Duration: 2:00pm for 15 minutes


David Bloxham – Content Designer, IRIS Software Group