Unlocking Capacity: The IRIS Advantage You Didn't Know You Had

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About this webinar:

Did you know there’s more to your trusted accountancy software provider than meets the eye? IRIS is more than “just” a software provider; it’s your strategic partner in practice growth, offering outsourcing services for tax returns, final accounts, payroll, and bookkeeping, along with the newly launched audit service.


  • New Audit Outsourcing Service: We unveil our newly added Audit service. Learn how IRIS can elevate your firm’s capabilities, improve profitability, and provide comprehensive support for a holistic financial practice.
  • Outsourcing Demystified: Prepare to challenge the status quo as we unravel the common connotations surrounding outsourcing. Join us to discover how IRIS has defied norms, emerging as a trusted outsourcing partner to accountancy firms for over two decades.
  • Insights from a Record-Breaking Tax Season: Step into the realm of real challenges faced by accountancy firms post a historic tax season. In this segment, we won’t just scratch the surface; we’ll delve deep into the intricacies, unveiling the true significance of addressing capacity issues.
  • Uncover the Hidden Gem: Explore how IRIS Outsourcing can be the strategic advantage your firm needs to unlock capacity, improve retention, and staff progression outlooks. Learn from customer stories about how they have integrated outsourcing into their practice growth plans, delivering a cost-effective compliance service and focusing on business advisory work.


Venkata Ramana Talapalli
Senior Director Operations, IRIS Outsourcing

Eva Mrazikova
Sector Head of Product Marketing, Accountancy, IRIS Software Group