Unlocking Efficiency: Embracing the Best of Desktop and Cloud with IRIS Practice Management

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About this webinar:

Discover the optimal balance between desktop and cloud solutions without compromising quality. IRIS Practice Management empowers you to select the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs, eliminating any compromises.

Hybrid by design, IRIS Practice Management leverages the power of seamless integration between desktop and cloud platforms, resulting in unparalleled efficiency. Accountants using IRIS enjoy a range of options, ensuring they never have to settle for less.

At the heart of IRIS Practice Management lies a centralized hub for storing and sharing client data. This comprehensive solution incorporates robust workflow management, tracking of all client communications, and advanced data mining capabilities. Furthermore, the introduction of IRIS Elements Practice Management, complete with integrated CRM functionality, email, and text messaging, takes practice efficiency to new heights. Flexible and highly customisable workflows empower practices to streamline their operations and automate time-consuming administrative tasks.


  • Why should accountancy practices use a practice management software?
  • Learn how IRIS Accountants have the freedom to choose the solution that best suits their specific needs, ensuring they never have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.
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Eva Mrazikova
 Senior Manager, Accountancy Sales, IRIS Software Group

Mark Elley
Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group