Unlocking the Future of Payroll with Staffology

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Unlocking the Future with Staffology Payroll

About this webinar:

At IRIS, we are on a mission to bring payroll into the future with our next-generation software – Staffology Payroll.

We genuinely want our customers to have the best, and we have built a product that will make your life easier – all with the same reliability as your existing IRIS payroll solution.

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar where you can see it in action!

What you will learn in this on-demand webinar:

1. Streamlined Payroll: See how Staffology Payroll simplifies your payroll by automating processes and reducing manual work.
2. Anywhere, Anytime Access: Learn how our cloud-based solution allows you and your team to access payroll data securely from anywhere, enabling remote work and flexibility.
3. Cost Savings: Discover how moving to the cloud can lead to cost savings by eliminating the need for desktop software and hardware maintenance.
4. Data Security: Explore our robust security measures that keep your payroll data safe and compliant with industry standards.
5. Live Demo: Watch a live demonstration of Staffology Payroll in action, showing you just how user-friendly and efficient it is.

Catch up and discover how Staffology Payroll can transform your payroll process and make your life easier, while making your employees smile! 😊


Fran Williams 1 | Unlocking the Future of Payroll with Staffology

Fran Williams

Payroll Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Safwan Kayat 1 | Unlocking the Future of Payroll with Staffology

Safwan Kayat

Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group