Using Data to Supercharge the Growth of Your Trust

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About this webinar:

Capture | Using Data to Supercharge the Growth of Your Trust

Does your trust plan to grow within the next 12 months? Recent research found that 78% of trusts do.

Data, when used well, has the power to inform decision making, improve operational efficiencies, empower your staff to do a great job and improve the outcomes for pupils.

However, as trusts grow, maintaining a collective view of data and what is happening across the group, becomes increasingly difficult.

The newly launched IRIS Central gives trusts a centralized view of data across their schools, whichever MIS they use. Powerful, up-to-date analytics allow trusts to spot trends more easily, make timely interventions, and support growth initiatives.

Catch up with our webinar hosted by Tom Kershaw (Education Market Specialist) and Nicholas Clark (Senior Product Manager), as they explore how IRIS Central can fundamentally change and improve the way trust leaders run their business. This free webinar covers:
➼ The role of data in growing your trust

➼ How IRIS Central helps you overcome barriers to growth and scale quickly and efficiently

➼ Bridging the gap as new schools join your trust, by getting a handle on their data quickly and easily


Tom Kershaw
Education Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Nicholas Clark
Senior Product Manager, IRIS Education