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Our IRIS Hosting software enables easy, effective homeworking by putting your desktop in the cloud, while providing bank grade security to keep your clients’ data safe from cyber criminals. Watch the video to see how you can work anywhere with IRIS software.

Is your client data totally secure and protected from cybercriminals?

IRIS Hosting protects your vital client data from intrusion thanks to sophisticated firewalls, two factor authentication, and other high level security features. It can also detect hacking attacks and keeps information safe through encryption.

5 Ways Hosting Can Change Your Business

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Work from anywhere

Empower your business with the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, anytime. All you need is an Internet connection.

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Cut your costs

Remove the need for in-house IT experts. With monthly fees and no capital outlay it’s suitable for any size of

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Protect client data

All connections are fully secure and encrypted, providing the highest levels of security, with protection against viruses, hackers and ransomware.

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24/7 support

Regular off-site nightly data backups, which provide security and peace of mind.

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Improve efficiency

Focus more closely on
your core business by
letting IRIS do the heavy
IT lifting.

Is your accountancy practice-COVID secure?

In this guide you’ll find out:

  • The importance of compliance
  • Adapting to a new reality
  • Enforcing COVID-secure rules
  • The challenges of remote working
  • Challenges and solutions

Why you might need IRIS Hosting

­ ­ ­ Your business isn’t fully equipped for long term homeworking

 ­ ­ You’re not certain your client data is totally secure and protected from cyber criminals while remote working

 ­ ­ Your team needs to access, edit or share every client file, email, and document from home

 ­ ­ You can’t accurately and easily keep track of your team’s productivity and manage their workflow from home

 ­ ­ You need to serve all your clients, communicate with them, and be their trusted adviser, without face-to-face contact

Read this customer story to discover how
IRIS Hosting made all the difference.

A cost-effective, secure and scalable solution for your IT management needs,
leaving you free to concentrate on your business

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Microsoft Applications

Includes the latest Microsoft applications without worrying about upgrades and licence fees.

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Automatic Updates

IRIS Accountancy Suite updates are automatically applied.

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Access 3rd party apps

Serves non-IRIS customers too using software such as Sage, Digita, CCH.

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Regular data back ups

Peace of mind that your files and data won’t be lost.

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Identical look

Your home PC will look exactly the same as the office.

“We really like IRIS Hosting because it is invisible and our set up looks and feels exactly the same, meaning we can just carry on with work as normal, and there’s no need to learn anything new. There are no compromises, just benefits like the fact it is quicker than the old server.”

Vij Mit, Practice Manager | Braham Noble Denholm & Co Chartered Certified Accountants

So, you’re thinking about switching to IRIS Hosting
but still aren’t 100% sure?

See what our customers are saying

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Get safe, effective homeworking today with IRIS hosting

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IRIS Hosting FAQs

You can call our UK based support team on 01753 258100 which is available 24/7 or email on

Because we use cutting edge CISCO servers and infrastructure most users report that applications run faster than on their local system. Bandwidth and memory needs are managed by our technical team to ensure an optimum user experience.

We can restrict users accessing your server based on time of day and/or IP location. Requests for changes to your system are managed by the Hosted Accountants helpdesk and generally actioned within 48 hours.

Yes, all our systems are available and monitored 24/7. The only time this is not the case is during routine server maintenance or engineering work agreed with you in advance.

Yes, all traffic to and from your device and our servers are protected and securely managed. We use high level firewall protection and supply antivirus as standard on every hosted system.

In a traditional environment a loss of internet can often mean staff cannot work. Anything internet based will no longer be available. With a hosted system user can move to an alternative location (home, WIFI spot) or use a backup connection contact us for more details.

Once your requirements are established a dedicated project manager will agree timescales and deployment with you. Generally, we plan several weeks ahead but small projects can be completed more quickly.

Yes, in addition to daily backups we replicate your data to a 2nd geographical location in the UK. We maintain at least 10 working days of incremental backups should you accidentally delete anything and wish to restore files from previous backups.

We include standard support supplied by our own in-house team based in Taunton, UK. They are available by telephone/email to help with issues and questions you may have. The systems and performance are monitored 24/7 within our ISO27001 data centres.

Yes, we are happy to host any compatible applications that your own the appropriate license for. Regular Microsoft Office licenses are not transferable to a hosted environment and we provide Office 365 as part of the monthly cost.

Yes, individual users set and maintain their own passwords. These are not known by our helpdesk staff and can be prompted to be changed regularly (typically monthly) just like an in-house server.

Yes, you can cut and paste files from USB drives or your own PC to be placed and safely stored in the cloud environment. These can be on your own desktop or in shared folders and available to other staff.

Yes, most of our clients require email support as part of their package. We supply and manage Office 365 providing full function email and shared calendar support across all devices.

Yes, generally any modern Windows based software will work on our platform. This will be explained during the project audit before any works starts. Older applications or those that are very graphically heavy may not be suitable.

Yes, it is important to ensure you have good internet access. We can help with this and supply ADSL and fibre lines if needed as part of any installation.