Busy season: three tips for dealing with the pressure 

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By Eva Mrazikova | 4th December 2023 | 4 min read

Busy season, the age-old tale of missed family time, long hours and increased stress. 

Clearly, efficiency is paramount.  

The peak intensity of this period varies across practices, but it consistently entails two things: heightened pressure and limited bandwidth.  

What can you do amidst the chaos? Consider a strategic approach revolving around delegation, finding moments of calm and maximising software capabilities. 

Delegate, delegate, delegate 

During busy season, utilising the art of delegation is a vital tool; however, according to research, only a fraction of managers believe they delegate effectively.  

Before diving headfirst into a mountain of work, consider tapping into the potential of those around you.  

Additional licenses take little time to arrange, so people can be put on your software quickly + if necessary, outsourcing can also be a swift solution to managing busy periods.  

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Find your own space  

In the whirlwind of long hours, it's essential to carve out moments of calm (I know, it doesn’t sound feasible when the deadlines are piling up).  

However, whether it's safeguarding specific time slots for lunch, a workout or quality time with loved ones, these practices act as shields against burnout and should be prioritised. 

Recognising warning signs in yourself and colleagues is crucial! Look out for: 

  • Visual signifiers of stress - think anxiety and panic attacks
  • Drops in enthusiasm and a lack of fulfilment
  • Poor communication  
  • An inability to switch off  
  • Issues with performance   

Counterbalance stress by prioritising neglected self-care routines like regular exercise, proper nutrition and sufficient sleep. 

Wanting to go the extra mile? Consider planning enjoyable activities post-busy season to help boost morale.  

Maximise resources 

Use the software you have in the most efficient way to cope with the mountain of work and deadlines. 

Understanding your software’s functionalities can make a substantial difference in handling busy season.  

For instance, did you know that IRIS seamlessly integrates with various software –  including third-party software – so there is no need for manual input as the information flows from the Bookkeeping Software into Accounts Production, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. 

"When I started up on my own and joined back up with IRIS, not only did I have all that automated software back that would save me hours each week, but also the expertise and knowledge that could help guide me going forwards." – Fiona Heyes, Tax Director 

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Make it Your Season, Not Busy Season 

At IRIS, we have over 500 finance professionals who've walked in your shoes – it’s safe to say we understand the demands of busy season.  

Our goal is to help you reclaim time, connect with loved ones, attend crucial family events, take a breather and serve a few extra clients.  

Explore our support hub here for insights on making this busy season uniquely yours.