Exciting product developments revealed at IRIS World

Exciting developments at IRIS World 2020 1 | Exciting product developments revealed at IRIS World
By James Nadal | 27th February 2020 | 14 min read

A number of exciting product developments were revealed to hundreds of accountancy customers who attended IRIS World – including the latest news on IRIS Elements.

Our product team delighted delegates, who came to the event on 11 February, with the announcement that access to the IRIS Elements platform and AML phase one will be free of charge to IRIS Accountancy Suite customers.

Paul Onions, Product Director, and Jonathan Priestley, Senior Product Director, delivered the announcement in the main hall.

Based in the cloud, IRIS Elements will automate many compliance tasks, easily syncing with other services to instantly check Companies House data and perform electronic identity checks at the touch of a button.

IRIS Elements is not a product or service, but a client-centric adaptive platform providing a rich inventory of solutions customers can adopt at their own pace. IRIS AML is the first product to be made available.

At IRIS World, Paul and Jonathan explained that access to phase one of the console will cost nothing for IAS customers. This is where customers can see all of their clients and the dashboards which are currently in place, and also access the new AML identity checks for individual client records. There will be a small charge for ID checks (£2.50 each).

The product team also revealed a number of other developments. Customers can now benefit from a 78% speed boost in generating reports in IRIS and PTP Accounts Production Charities, thanks to new functionality. Key benefits of the changes include:

• IRIS Interactive Reports now provide a complete workflow for viewing, editing and finalising accounts
• Ability to edit every aspect of final accounts including client details, account descriptions, disclosures and notes
• Allows users to add, amend or cancel postings
• Enables bookmark navigation, giving single click access to any section of the report
• New exception and warnings reports

The new IRIS Training Centre – a much improved successor to IRIS OpenLearning – was also detailed. Packed with a wide range of free CPD-accredited courses, customers can sign up now. It is the easy way to introduce new staff to IRIS software, ensure your workforce are completely up to speed with the latest features and enhancements, and ensure you are maximising the return on your investment. It includes 95 modules that take less than five minutes on average to complete. There are further details in this blog here. Among the enhancements on offer are:

• Easy bite size courses that make over 11 hours of accredited CPD training
• A fresh, modern interface with a cleaner look and feel
• An enhanced, friendlier user experience
• New and updated content
• A back catalogue of training videos

You can watch videos of the key presentations from the day and see a photo gallery here.