GDPR templates and toolkits: Revealing our solution for accountants

By James Nadal | 7th September 2018 | 14 min read

Customers gave us a loud and clear message on their biggest concerns about the new data protection regime coming in when we held our GDPR Conferences in April.

Their fear was beginning with a blank page and many were calling out for a tool kit with templates and examples.

We promised to deliver such help and our new solution IRIS GDPR Advisor does so in abundance.

In fact, not only does it offer a tool kit with templates, there are so many other features to help accountants. We’ve partnered with data protection experts, The Data Support Agency, to provide the service.

We appreciate that few accountancy practices have the time, expertise or resources to dedicate to data protection. Indeed, there was further anecdotal evidence from our GDPR events that accountancy professionals see it as a peripheral issue, while many lack the in-house skills to review existing procedures and establish new ones to become compliant, placing them at risk legally.

The problem, also, is that data protection is an ongoing process; it’s not just a case of getting things set up once and never having to consider it again. With regulations and eSecurity issues continually evolving, having access to up to date resources is key. That’s one of the essential things IRIS GDPR Advisor will deliver - keeping accountants up to speed and on top of compliance.

Some of the most important features it gives accountants are:

- A readiness dashboard to shows exactly what you need to know, how compliant you are and where you will need to focus.

- Traffic lights show how close you are to completing elements of compliance and there are monthly management reports too.

- A range of tools, document templates, processes and planning guides.

- Access to technical support, including a comprehensive, regularly updated FAQ page

- Completed templates that can be uploaded to the secure portal for safe storage.

We know that all practices are unique and the time to attain compliance will vary from one to the next, so we’ve tailored our solution with this in mind to help you progress at a speed is comfortable.

An IRIS customer survey showed in May that 49% of respondents manage their own IT infrastructure, highlighting the diversity of responsibilities partners and owners need to manage. Choosing GDPR Advisor, however, means one less area of responsibility that accountants have to worry about.

Find out more about the launch by visiting HERE.