How Does IRIS Help A 125-client Payroll Bureau Operate?

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By Sam Thomas | 9th February 2017 | 14 min read

We spoke with the Managing Director of 1 Less Worry Payroll to gain an insight into how IRIS helps his businesses manage payroll for their clients.

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1 Less Worry Payroll Services are an established payroll bureau based in Plymouth, Devon. The company currently run payroll for 125 clients and have been with IRIS for a number of years, initially using IRIS PAYE-Master before upgrading to the much more user-friendly and powerful IRIS Payroll for Accountants. We recently spoke with their Managing Director, James Toulson, to discuss how he’s been finding the software and what he thinks of IRIS.

Running a Successful Payroll Bureau

James told us, “we currently use a number of payroll systems at the moment depending on what the client requests. IRIS Payroll for Accountants is the main software I use for the bulk of my clients. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed since using IRIS Payroll for Accountants is definitely the ease of use, for example it’s very easy to navigate through and rollback past data. If we get a request from a client, it’s really easy to go back and re-process the payroll.

The Workplace Pension Reforms

James told us “The biggest challenge the business currently faces is auto enrolment by making sure all of my clients enrol in a suitable time to help avoid fines and penalties. 1 Less Worry Payroll itself hasn’t yet staged for auto enrolment, however 30 of our clients have now staged and we calculate the pension contributions for them as part of our service. When auto enrolment was announced I was a bit panicked. I didn’t know how it was going to be calculated and managed; the extra resources and extra costs made it something I really wasn’t happy with. However as reality sets in, it’s something that I’m fine with and the company managed to process.

“We started preparations for auto enrolment around a year before our first client decided they would like us to manage it for us. At the time there wasn’t a lot of options when it came to payroll bureau software, however I found IRIS to be proactive with the legislation and one of the few companies who were setting up an auto enrolment suite. I did a couple of courses on the legislation with IRIS and then jumped in head first.”

IRIS & Your Business

IRIS Payroll for Accountants makes it easy for practitioners to use the same product to manage multiple payrolls for their clients. IRIS Payroll for Accountants includes everything you could ask for in a comprehensive payroll package, including payroll calculations, employment law compliance and P11D production.

Additionally, if you're thinking that perhaps payroll outsourcing is the way to go, IRIS have you covered. The introduction of new legislation has meant that many businesses are choosing to outsource their payroll to remove the hassle and time constraints. If you'd like to a free outsourcing quotation, simply visit our handy payroll outsourcing page and submit your details.

To learn more, you can read more from 1 Less Worry Payroll’s case study by clicking the button below where you can download a handy free PDF.

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