How to win new clients for your accountancy practice

By Sam Thomas | 6th April 2016 | 14 min read

April’s range of free webinar sessions have been announced. Amongst them our SME Division CEO, Mark Paraskeva, will be hosting a session on Thursday 28th April at 2pm titled ‘Find out how to win new clients with a streamlined auto enrolment service’ which will look at how your accounting practice                                                                                            can benefit from the workplace                                                                              pensions reforms.

Beginning in 2012 with the largest UK employers, auto enrolment is now in its fourth year and the time has come for smaller businesses to stage. The Pensions Regulator estimate that around 570,000 small businesses will stage for auto enrolment over the next 12 months, compared to the 100,000 who have already staged. Needless to say, there is a huge opportunity for your practice to benefit from auto enrolment over the next 12 months and beyond.

During the webinar Mark Paraskeva will cover the follow topics:

1. The opportunity available to accountants

Mark will look at how many businesses are yet to stage for auto enrolment, and how you can provide a service as they approach you first for help and guidance as their accountant.

2. Promoting your service to clients (and what you can charge)

Mark will then review how your practice can profit from auto enrolment. Your clients will look to you for help and guidance on the workplace pensions reform; this is a service that you should be charging for.

3. The role of payroll and how IRIS can help

The role of payroll software within auto enrolment is critical for all businesses, and this includes accountancy practices like yours. Mark will also introduce the IRIS accountancy kit-bag; this is a free-to-download pack which contains over 30 pieces of collateral which cover a wide range of subjects which you can share with your clients.

4. 10 Reasons to choose the IRIS AE Suite™

Mark will demonstrate how the IRIS AE Suite™ can help your practice provide an auto enrolment service to your clients, at no additional time and effort. Having a suitable payroll software solution in place is critical to managing auto enrolment, and Mark will explain why this is.

5. Question & Answer Session

The Q&A session is always one of the most popular segments of Mark’s webinars, giving you the opportunity to ask an industry leader questions you may have on auto enrolment, how IRIS can help, and how your practice can profit.