Relationship red flags: evaluating your accountancy software

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By Eva Mrazikova | 30th November 2022 | 3 min read

In the dating world, things such as a lack of communication, gaslighting and even talking in a baby voice are often referred to as relationship red flags (warning signs that you need to leave).

There are a million and one advice articles highlighting these potential relationship red flags, but did you know that red flags also exist in the software world?

Perhaps your practice has grown to the point that your current software no longer copes, or your vendor promised the world and has failed to deliver – either way, there are often clear indicators that it’s time to move on.

Four software red flags

It can be tough to spot the glaring warning signs if it’s all you know.

To help you assess your current software, here’s a checklist of features, or lack of, you should evaluate:

1) Flexibility

Can you and your people reliably access your software from any location, at any time? Having flexible software is a vital expectation in today’s society.

In fact, studies found that 75% of employers now offer some form of hybrid working; to remain competitive during the talent war, flexible working is something your firm needs to look into facilitating.

Additionally, offering remote working enables you to hire outside your local area, subsequently unlocking far more candidates, which, quite frankly, is invaluable at the moment.

Does your software stop you from doing this? Unlike traditional desktop-based software, cloud technology enables you to access all your vital applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

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2) Security

Worryingly, accountants are 30% more likely to be hacked.

Picture the scenario: you’ve spent years building your reputation, only for it to crumble due to a security breach.

Is your software secure enough, and does it utilise safety measures such as two-factor authentication, data encryption and ISO-accredited processes?

3) Connectivity

Recent research revealed that 25% of accountants lack time to implement value-added services and business strategies, showcasing employees can't afford to waste time with inefficient software.

Like a romantic relationship, having the right connection is crucial to making everything work.

Does your current software have an open API, enabling it to integrate with other applications in your tech stack?

In the world of accountancy, you have systems that do X, systems that do Y and systems that do Z; to be efficient, these need to be able to share data and connect, otherwise, employees waste time jumping between systems.

4) Support

There’s nothing worse than being halted from completing a critical deadline due to a software issue and getting nothing but radio silence from the support team.

When reviewing your supplier, examine whether assistance such as troubleshooting guides, FAQs and online training is available.

Additionally, I’d advise you to check your supplier’s service-level agreement (SLA), which outlines how quickly they aim to get back to your queries – the last thing you want is to be ghosted.  

The software 'ick'

The ick comes in many shapes and sizes but usually refers to the feeling of being put off by something due to its annoyances.

Often, the ick is very personal to the individual, varying from common irritations such as never replying to texts to incredible niche provocations such as chasing after a ping pong ball.

Let me tell you: the software ick is very real too.

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