Share, collaborate, connect. This is IRIS OpenSpace [Free Webinar]

By Louise Mulgrew | 14th April 2015 | 9 min read

Introducing IRIS OpenSpace.

One of the main things that you can do as a business to improve your processes and increase profitability is to streamline your processes. IRIS OpenSpace is a great, free place to begin and you can find out everything you need to know about the safe, collaborative file sharing portal via our free webinar. So book your place now!

But, why do I need it?

Exchanging important and sensitive information with your clients is part of your day to day routine and there are always ways in which this can improve. Email is insecure and can be open to hackers and prying eyes. Sending documents and information via post can be costly and extremely slow.

An online and collaborative portal that allows you to upload, store and approve documents online with your clients is a safer, more secure solution.

IRIS OpenSpace has been designed with the end user in mind. It is easy to include your own branding and colour schemes as well as your logo to ensure that the space that you use is fully customised and recognisable by your clients.

Cloud computing and technology has been an ever increasing trend over the past few years. The nature of business and the constant need for access has helped mould this change in culture.

IRIS OpenSpace stores your documents and files securely in the cloud to ensure that only the eyes of those approved can see it, and as long as they have a device and an internet connection, they can access it from anywhere.

With auto enrolment now set to affect the small and micro businesses of the UK, it is extremely important to ensure that your auto enrolment communications are as streamlined as they can be. Your clients will be asking for your help with their documents and files that you can check and approve. You can also share documents that you can utilize from the IRIS Free Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag.

If you are a UK based accountancy, you can access the service completely free. We will even give you 1GB of storage to get you started. You can find out more about how IRIS OpenSpace works, how you can customise it and how you can start reaping the benefits of a secure, streamlined solution for collaborating with your clients by attending our free webinar.

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