IRIS OpenSpace

Work closer and more intuitively with your clients through unique integration across our cloud and desktop solutions. Enable superior client collaboration and provide added value to all your client relationships.

An integrated, customisable, secure online client portal that enables accountants to exchange documents, obtain approval, request tax information and collect payments.

Fully integrated with all IRIS Accountancy Suite, IRIS Payroll, IRIS Docs, PTP & Keytime. OpenSpace is a hybrid of Dropbox and DocuSign, which gives you the best of both document sharing and approval.

diagram open space 1 | IRIS OpenSpace

Watch this video to learn more about how you can use e-signatures with IRIS OpenSpace.

What IRIS OpenSpace can do for you:

IRIS OpenSpace overcomes the challenges faced with timely document approval, payments, and exchanging confidential information over unsecured email.

Always accessible and working on any device, IRIS integration gives you an seamless user experience. Reduce the need to learn about more products; provide a simple-to-use client portal, which will make yours and your clients’ files easier to collaborate.
  • Seamless product integration enhances your practice’s productivity
  • Share confidential files on a secure platform to meet GDPR requirements
  • Obtain client electronic approval instantly on vital documents at busy times
  • Schedule reminders to save time chasing tax information, document approvals and payments
  • Save money on postage, admin and stationery by having a paperless office
  • Customise your client portal as clients recognise your brand, not your software vendor
  • Integrate portal login on your website to drive customers to your site
  • Collect card payments to get paid on time

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  • How do I add IRIS OpenSpace to my website?

    We have a guide to explain how to do this which can be found here. However, if you have a website with us or want us to add OpenSpace to your existing website call us on 0344 844 9644.

  • How is my account and files protected?

    Your password is encrypted using a salting and hashing algorithm.

    This means we don’t know your password, and anyone who looks in our database, can never find out what your password is. All files are encrypted in transit using SSL and AES technologies.

  • Where is IRIS OpenSpace data located?

    The OpenSpace platform is based on Microsoft Azure and their servers are based in Amsterdam with a backup (for redundancy) based in Dublin.

  • What products does IRIS OpenSpace integrate with?

    IRIS OpenSpace is fully integrated with all modules in IRIS Accountancy Suite, IRIS Docs, Keytime, PTP, Payroll, Kashflow and IRIS Insight & Taxfiler.

  • How do I brand my IRIS OpenSpace portal?

    We have a video and guide to help you get started here.

  • Is there an dedicated support line for OpenSpace?

    Yes, we have already created a dedicated support line and inbox to handle OpenSpace support enquiries. The contact details are or call 0344 815 5551 Option 5.

  • How much does IRIS OpenSpace cost?

    If you use any of our practice software products you can claim 1GB FOC as part of your membership, if you don’t use any of our solutions don’t worry – speak to us today by calling 0344 844 9644 and we’ll listen to you about your requirements and help you get started.

  • How do I find support for this software?

    We have a dedicated support section on this website. We also have live chat and a dedicated support telephone number: Support contact numbers.

  • Is this software compliant?

    Assurance and compliance are the primary services of any firm, practice, business or organisation. We understand that you rely on software solutions to get it right, every time – no compromise. Speak to us and find out why IRIS are the leaders in compliant software; call 0344 844 9644.


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