What is an accountancy CRM and what does it do?

What is an accountancy CRM and what does it do?
By Alan Gregory | 29th November 2021 | 2 min read

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers do exactly that – manage their customer relationships and client data. But a CRM can do a lot more – it can help practices stay on top of all of the little details and day-to-day tasks they need to manage without getting overwhelmed.

CRMs can be used to attract and retain new customers, improve existing customer relations and even accelerate the growth of your practice. The right choice of software can organise huge amounts of data: contact details, levels of engagement and communication preferences… plus it can manage documents and workflows on top.

What can the right CRM software do for your practice?

Choosing the CRM software for your practice unlocks a wide range of benefits for accounting and bookkeeping practices. By automating repetitive tasks, CRM software gives you the gift of extra time so you can focus on building better, stronger relationships with your clients and supporting your customers to achieve their goals.

CRM software can make client communication a breeze by providing templates that you can personalise in a few clicks, then schedule. This keeps communication channels with existing and potential clients open without detracting from productivity, as well as taking another task off your hands.

Effective CRM software can help accountants and bookkeepers gain greater visibility across their entire practice, providing the insights and information required to make better decisions. Having practice and client data at your fingertips makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and pain points – so you can solve them quickly.

For accounting practices with large amounts of complex data, a CRM doesn’t just help organise workflows, but also provides one place to keep everything securely stored. From emails to shared documents, there’s no need to spend time hunting for lost files and both clients and colleagues can work more productively without delays or friction.

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