An All in One School Sign in System

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

A school sign in system that is reliable is a necessity for all schools. They need to have an accurate record of who is on site at all times to ensure everyone’s safety. A solution that can simultaneously handle students, staff and visitors is extremely valuable.

School sign-in for students

BioStore’s school sign in system in a secondary school can be used to record the attendance of students. Students scan a smartcard, fingerprint or enter a PIN at scanners to register their attendance as they enter the classroom. It makes use of an overall identity management solution that is used for much more throughout the school. But the recording of attendance saves the teachers time from having to call out every student. It allows the learning to start on time.

The system is even more powerful and useful for 6th form or college students, whether attached to a secondary school or not. The school sign in system permits you to track the coming and going of students as they arrive and leave at different times during the school day. Like other students, a simple scan is all that is needed to signal their arrival and departure as they arrive for lessons. In the case of an emergency, the sign in system lets you know who is on site and who isn’t.

Managing visitors seamlessly

At a self-sign in kiosk, visitors enter their details and print themselves a badge. A receptionist confirms the sign-in and hands the visitor a temporary visitor card. You have complete control over the permissions linked to the card around the school. It can grant them access to certain areas, allows them to make use of computers, printers and even the school canteen.

The card is then simply returned at the end of the visit. By integrating visitors into the identity management system, you can keep track of their whereabouts and activities throughout the school day.

A school sign in system that can handle visits just as easily as students is the way to maintain security throughout the school day, without compromising the usability of the system.