Biometric Lockers Provide the Ultimate Security

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 9 min read

BioStore specialises in providing identity management solutions to organisations, which can be used to authenticate access to a wide variety of services and resources across the board. One of the most powerful and exciting solutions our identity management system can integrate with is locker management.

Users in an organisation can use an id card, pin or most innovatively, a biometric feature such as a fingerprint, to gain access to a locker. Biometric lockers are a forward thinking approach to lockers that demonstrate to an organisation’s users a commitment to security, convenience and innovation.

Importance of lockers

A strong locker solution can be very important for club members, staff and other organisations. It’s becoming increasingly important in schools, with many more students carrying expensive smartphones or tablet devices. While it might be against school policy and detrimental for them to have them during school hours – many parents are keen for their children to take phones to school, so they can contact them after school or in an emergency during their travel. A strong reliable locker solution allows for all parties to be happy, with phones locked away during class time, but accessible after school.

The same can be said for many workplaces – strong safe holds while on a shift can be invaluable for staff. And of course, customers using leisure facilities need a reliable and safe locker system too, for when they’re in the pool, using the gym or enjoying a relaxing spa break.

Lockers are more secure with biometrics

Perhaps the biggest benefit of adopting BioStore’s locker management system is the greatly increased security of an organisation’s solution – particularly with a fingerprint biometric system in place. No one can steal someone else’s fingerprint. There is no key to steal or replicate when you use biometrics. It ensures that the person accessing the locker is the person it should be, and no one else. A pin code or an ID swipe card are a step up from a key for someone trying to break into a locker, but a fingerprint biometric provides the ultimate security.

Flexible locker solution saving time & space

Using a Biometric solution for lockers also gives them amazing flexibility. Lockers can be set up at a leisure centre for example to have a onetime use. A patron comes in, activates a locker with the scan of a finger and then stores their valuables. When they come back, a quick scan from their finger opens up the locker and they retrieve their stuff. That locker can then automatically be reset and ready for the next patron.

The quick and simple reassigning of lockers on the fly can be invaluable at organisation with limited storage and locker space too. There might not be enough room for every employee to have a locker and key of their own, but enough for everyone on a shift at one time. Flexible lockers that can be quickly reassigned would help solve such problems.

Easier to manage and reduces administration

For the administration team too, not just the users of the lockers, but their management is a lot easier when integrated into an identity system. In the case of lockers that are permanently owned, such as throughout a school year, they are simple and hassle free to reassign to a new user the following year. There’s no need to organise the handover of keys or produce new ones – the locker is connected to the central Management Information System and is simply reassigned to a new user on the system. They can immediately start using their registered biometric authentication to access their new locker. It’s a time and money saver.

Use biometric authentication across multiple solutions

BioStore’s solutions also have the advantage of being linked to many more systems throughout an organisation. The same ID management system and whatever authentication is in place for users can be used across an organisation to make a user’s experience quick and simple. It could be that the same ID card gave a user access to the building, access to their locker, delivered their pre-ordered meal and logged them onto their computer account.

Install a secure locker management solution with BioStore

There are so many benefits to switching over to, or upgrading lockers to ones integrated into an identity management solution. A biometric solution is a particularly beneficial and exciting solution for both the organisations and its users. If you want to read more about exactly how BioStore’s locker management system works check out Biostore now.