Forms, forms and more forms…

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By Toby Lester | 13th July 2018 | 2 min read

With September upon us, schools are now busy collecting and managing all new starter data - from students, to staff, to parents! With paper-based communications, the cost of print, paper and sometimes postage can be surprisingly high, not to mention time-consuming and cumbersome to manage when letters and forms are returned.

So why not manage it electronically with our Online Form collection App?

Building your online form is easy with ParentMail. Whether you’re collecting trip consents, meal selections, parent surveys, data, student medical information or more, you can create your own from scratch or choose from our collection of ready-built forms. Our Forms App provides total flexibility in terms of formatting and managing responses; you can set an expiry date for your form and even set automatic reminders to encourage parents to complete and return it by the deadline.

Once you’ve created your form, simply click send… and watch the responses arrive!

Parents receive a notification and can complete the form via the free ParentMail App on a mobile, tablet or desktop. For parents who prefer a traditional option, a paper copy can be generated.

Monitoring responses is easy – you can download reports and CSV files, send out messages to all respondents, as well as those who haven’t responded, and more.

Our Online Forms App is proven to improve parent responses for our customers. Since introducing the App, Hemingbrough Community Primary have gone from receiving a trickle of responses to more than 60% of parents now completing and responding the very same day. Many of the forms now receive a 100% response rate within 48 hours!

Business Manager, Sarah Read, said, “We send dinner menus each week, permissions for photographs or walking home, club forms and more, and usually within minutes of them being sent we see the responses coming back in. Now that we’ve allowed parents to complete forms on their smartphone, the turnaround time is quicker than ever before!”

With GDPR now in force, our Online Forms App provides peace of mind that parent data is safe and secure, for both your school and your parents.

Streamline your communications in time for September! To find out more about how ParentMail can improve parental engagement at your school, call us on 01733 595959 or email for more information.