The future is now – pay for petrol, bills and dinner money through apps!

The future is now 810 blogpopup | The future is now – pay for petrol, bills and dinner money through apps!
By Toby Lester | 18th September 2017 | 2 min read

As more and more companies begin to accept contactless payments or transactions through an App, consumers are beginning to expect this in every walk of life.

This year, we’ve seen many of the UK’s most innovative companies announce new ways in which customers can pay – making life easier for them by making the payments process slicker than ever before. Shell, for example, have announced a new touchscreen method of paying for petrol without leaving your car, whilst supermarket giant Tesco have launched their all new contactless Clubcard and upgraded Clubcard app.

What’s more, Britain’s well known pub chain Wetherspoon have launched their new app which allows people to pay from their table before their food arrives – meaning extra convenience for customers and time saved for staff.

Whether it’s paying for your parking, paying your energy bills or topping up your child’s dinner money, we all want these processes to be as simple as possible and with more and more companies launching mobile app’s to allow you to do it in minutes, it couldn’t be easier.

As well as convenience, being able to pay in this way means that you can keep better track of your spending, with all of your transactions tracked within your App’s. With cash, it’s easy to lose track of notes and coins, but by paying through your phone you’ve got it all to hand to check whenever you should need to. This makes budgeting and saving even easier and for families, this is a key benefit.

Here at ParentMail, we pride ourselves on staying at the front of innovation, which is why our mobile app allows parents to top up dinner money, pay for school trips or buy uniform through a few simple taps! This means they don’t need to have access to a computer, or wait till they’re at home to make a payment, as they can do it instantly wherever they are!

What does this mean for schools? It’s been proven that by making it easier for parents to pay, payments are made quicker and therefore schools can keep on top of their payments with minimal administration work. Our system has automatic reminders in place for when dinner money becomes low which means chasing parents for payments is a thing of the past!

 “ParentMail has really simplified how we accept payments from parents and staff; 80% of our parents are now topping up through the mobile app.” Carlton le Willows Academy in Nottinghamshire

More and more schools are switching to ParentMail to make the payments process easier than ever before – get in touch today to find out more about our Online Payments application and our mobile app! Simply call us on 01733 595959 or email