5 unique features of IRIS Ed:gen

MicrosoftTeams image 8 | 5 unique features of IRIS Ed:gen
By Sam Thomas | 11th March 2021 | 2 min read

We’ve been looking into the world of education MIS for a few years now. What we learned from even the most cursory investigation is that state schools were crying out for an alternative to their legacy systems. Old, slow, and clunky, they weren’t just unfit for purpose, they were actively holding leadership back from making improvements in their schools.

That’s why the experts at iSAMS and IRIS Education developed Ed:gen: a next generation MIS for state schools. It is a revolutionary new system, providing never before seen technology in the education space to transform the way leaders, teachers and parents work together to improve outcomes for pupils.

So what does Ed:gen do differently? Here are five unique features that make Ed:gen stand out from other MIS.

1. It makes admin easy

Ed:gen does everything staff need it to. School documents, student data, admissions, disciplinary records, classes, year groups: Ed:gen manages the lot. It also offers the most intuitive classroom registration process available in any school management system. With Ed:gen, a note can be added to one register and it will appear across all registers for that student. No more miscommunication, no more calls to the office, just clear and simple admin.

2. No change to timetabling

Ed:gen’s ‘Timetable’ module is flexible, adaptive and easy to use. With multiple import options it allows you to take charge of the entire academic year and pick your preferred timetabling tool. Basically, you decide what tool to use, and Ed:gen will work with that. No other education MIS can work with such a multitude of timetabling tools.

3. Making management simple

Ed:gen makes viewing audit trails easy. You can see what has been done, where, by who, and in relation to what, all at a glance. Simpler audit trails make working together across a whole school easier and more efficient, so school staff can get back to focussing on the pupils.

4. Easy communications between stakeholders

No more communicating through dashboards, no more doing everything manually, no more hassle. When communicating to teaching staff, heads of years and departments, Ed:gen can be automated to communicate messages between custom groups, keeping everyone in the loop that needs to be.

5. Transforming reporting for teachers, students and parents

Firstly, Ed:gen pulls feedback from students directly into a report, meaning parents and teachers get a 360 view of a pupil’s development. Secondly, voice to text dictation saves time and gives teachers the ability to document reports wherever they want. No more bashing away at a keyboard into the wee hours: just simple, straightforward and convenient.

To summarise, Ed:gen is a revolutionary new technology. It not only makes school data intelligent – it lets you put that data to good use in a simple, effective and most of all impactful way. Traditional MIS focus on the office, whereas Ed:gen does the whole school ecosystem, everything from school admissions to parental engagement to teachers. Discover Ed:gen’s unique features for yourself, and contact our team today.