More schools are choosing to go cashless with an Online Payments system

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By Toby Lester | 23rd February 2018 | 2 min read

With thousands of nurseries, primary and secondary schools now using our cashless Online Payment System to receive and process payments, experience tells us that parents are only too happy to make payments online!

Cash in schools can cause a variety of issues. Consider the time school administration invests into collecting and managing cash from students! Alongside swallowed-up time, there’s also the issue of lost money, money spent where it is not intended to be spent, hunting high and low for spare change or the cheque book on busy mornings and the potential of bullying or extortion - there must be a better solution!

There is - and ParentMail has it!

In today’s cashless world, online payment collection is the safest method for processing school payments for all involved.

In a recent survey of over 6000 parents, a huge 70% think a mobile app makes it easier to pay; 82% said they were very satisfied with ParentMail’s Online Payments service!

Safe, secure and efficient

ParentMail complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and PCI DSS Level 1. We do not store credit or debit card details, ensuring parents can pay online for school trips, dinners and more with the security of knowing their payment is safe.

Our Online Payment service includes a full reporting suite, allowing schools to see the full picture of incoming payments; whether you want to view outstanding payments, monitor payment instalments or keep up to date on payments as they are made – you can do all of this and more at the click of a button.

Parents keep up to date with payments due (reducing school debt) and they can even top up and monitor dinner money. Payments can be made instantly from a mobile, tablet or desktop, eliminating the need for cash and cheques.

Everyone is a winner with a cashless system – what are you waiting for?

If you’re a school looking to consolidate all your systems into one, or if you’d like to use a reliable Online Payments system which allows your parents to top up on a mobile app, get in touch today! Call us on 01733 595959 or email