How to Best Implement Electronic Signing in Systems for Schools

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Electronic signing in systems for schools are of course very important. Schools have a duty of care, and that means knowing exactly who is on the school premises at any given time. As such, visitors need to be properly managed and accounted for. How can schools do it right?

Providing safe electronic signing in systems for schools

Our approach for electronic signing in systems for school is the BioStore Visitor Management system. It allows visitors to be integrated into your overall access control solutions quickly. They are given a temporary smartcard that grants them access to only the locations and applications you deem suitable.

What is most important is, the whole system is trackable. You can see what your visitor has done and where they are, by the actions taken on their temporary smartcard. This is of course important to ensure the security of your students but is also for the visitor’s own benefit. In the case of an emergency, schools have a detailed account of who is and isn’t on site. Even when a number of potential visitors are on site schools have a reliable record of all persons on site.

Electronic signing in systems for schools that don’t break the flow

The safety of you electronic signing in system for schools is the most important part of the solution. But in practical terms, if it can be convenient as well, it makes operations smoother for everyone: staff and your visitors.

BioStore’s Visitor Management system lets visitors do much of the admin themselves when first arriving, rather than taking up a receptionist’s time. At a self-sign in kiosk they can get themselves set-up on your visitor system and print a visitor badge. The receptionist only has to confirm the details and distribute a temporary smartcard with the subsequent correct permissions installed.

What’s more, the visitor can be given access to applications around the school on a temporary basis, like catering, computers and even printing. They can use their temporary card to access all these services just like other staff members and students can. If funds are required, they can upload them via the same sign-in kiosk. At the end of their visit, on sign-out their left-over funds can be reimbursed.

This approach allows visitors to be integrated quickly into the schools already in place systems and prevents disruption. And of course, visitor details can be saved so repeat visitors can be managed with even more speed on subsequent visits.

Electronic signing in systems for schools need to be secure, but not at the cost of usability and convenience. That’s exactly what BioStore’s system provides. Find out more here.