Secure messaging for Looked After Call

New secure messaging for Looked After Call | Secure messaging for Looked After Call
By Toby Lester | 9th July 2020 | 2 min read

Looked After Call is designed to support virtual schools and stakeholders in the care and protection of looked after children. With the help of our customers, we’re keen to adapt and develop the platform to continue meeting your needs. Staying up to date with the latest challenges facing virtual schools ensures we are well placed to do just that. 

Limited resource, ever-changing policies and an all-important focus on security remains at the heart of our developments. With this in mind, we’re excited to share the latest updates to the Looked After Call platform with you! 

With virtual schools and stakeholders sending and receiving hundreds of emails every week, our new secure messaging functionality promises to improve security and streamline communications by taking messaging onto the secure Looked After Call platform. 


With messages managed within Looked After Call, stakeholders can work with confidence knowing messages and data is protected, encrypted and visible only to the appropriate individuals. For reporting, PEPs and reviewing communications, this new functionality is very helpful, providing a complete audit trail of conversations and data shared. 


For customers dealing with the daily frustrations of notification-overload, we have good news! The new functionality means all LAC alerts can be received through secure messaging, allowing users to tailor notifications to personal preference.  

By exchanging and storing information and messaging within the secure perimeter of the LAC system, messages can also include more information, including the pupil’s name. 


For busy virtual heads, processes can be streamlined with a single platform for reporting and communications. The new messaging functionality also promises to free up inbox space, storing and organising looked after child data and messaging in a separate, secure platform. 

Switch it on 

For Looked After Call customers, new secure messaging is available to use today. Simply update your preferences within your dashboard by clicking on your initials to start enjoying secure, streamlined communications!  

The care and safety of looked after children remains steadfastly at the heart of the Looked After Call platform. To find out more about how LAC supports the care of vulnerable and looked after children, get in touch