ParentMail strengthens the link with SIMS

By Toby Lester | 28th September 2015 | 2 min read

When it comes to communication systems many schools believe that integration with SIMS (or other MIS) is the most important feature.

The argument is that you take data straight from SIMS, populate your communications system and off you go – no delays, no data collection, and no separate databases to maintain. There’s no doubt that linking with MIS is easy, but it’s worth considering the primary weakness of simply extracting MIS data.

The one vital component to reaching people electronically is accurate contact data. Without this, your messages simply won't reach parents – which means a long data collection exercise for your staff, and unhappy parents missing out on important school messages.

We've been surveying schools for 13 years and we know that while schools have contact data for most parents on their MIS, only 60% of that data on average is accurate. That therefore leaves the burden of data collection and data accuracy entirely with the school.

Here at ParentMail we go beyond simply linking with school information management system, by helping schools keep on top of their data and ensuring that they are reaching parents in the best possible way - after all, school to home communication systems are only successful if they produce the right action from parents.

Our unique approach involves taking data from MIS initially and then making it better instantly, and most importantly keeping it up to date and even feeding new data back to school.

We're the only communications system in the market that works directly with parents (via our free APP or online account) to keep contact data current and actively reduce the work schools have to do, while reaching more parents than any other system.

Our latest update means that our link with SIMS is automatic for any schools that want it, and data can be synchronised overnight.

To find out more about our auto SIMS link or how we can help you keep on top of your data, without any headaches, simply email and we’ll get one of our advisors in touch to arrange a call.