Parents love the ParentMail app!

By Toby Lester | 13th March 2017 | 3 min read

During January, we took to social media and asked parents to let us know what they thought of ParentMail’s mobile App – and we were amazed by the feedback!

Over 900 parents commented on our Facebook page telling us how the App has really made their lives easier, helping them keep on top of important school messages, make payments, book parents' evening appointments, complete forms, report absences and mark attendance at events…

“I love the app because it keeps me informed of all important dates and forms that would otherwise get lost in my kids book bags and being able to pay online and order kids lunches makes my life so much easier! #HappyParent” L.Watkins

“I love the fact that all the info is in one place so it's really easy to find. So much better than all the letters stuck over my calendar and around the house - now I can get my hands on every communication straight away. Love it.” J.Walker

“No more forgetting to print forms and forgetting to take them in. Great for busy parents on the go, forgetful ones, ones without printer ink and ones who've lost the cheque book again!” R.Sheppard

“I'm terrible at remembering appointments and when the kids are doing things. I always get a message the day before now so I never forget! It's a lot easier to keep in touch with the school too.” K.Morris

What’s more, parents don’t have to search through busy email inboxes to find important school messages, because they can all be found in one place…

 “I really like having all the important dates for activities and other things all in one place. It's a great tool for parents to be involved with school.” M.Robbins

“If I had to check my email all the time, the emails would be lost between spam and Facebook notifications!!” L.Mathieu

 “The ParentMail app is so much better than email notifications – simple, no fuss; see exactly what you need to without clogging up your email inbox!” S.Warnes

“I find it useful to have everything in one place - no more emails to trawl back through!” N.Catley

And even sceptical parents have come round to the idea…

"I’m going to be honest, when ParentMail first arrived, I was very unhappy with it forced upon us. Roll forward to now... I have 2 children in different schools both using the system, and the interface is A BILLION times better, dare I say the best online appointment/schedule interface I have EVER used (and I use many in my line of work) - so I take my hats off to you and am so happy and glad that this is now in existence." – L. Kings

These are just a few of the brilliant reviews we got, head over to to read more!

In our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, schools told us that making life easy for parents was the most important thing to them – which is why our App is so popular with schools and parents all over the UK!

Want to know more about the ParentMail App and making it easier for your parents to pick up school messages, make payments, complete forms and more? Simply email or call us on 01733 595959.