What does paying on a mobile app mean to parents?

What does paying on a mobile App 810X430 blogpopup | What does paying on a mobile app mean to parents?
By Toby Lester | 6th September 2017 | 2 min read

Earlier this year, we took to social media to ask parents what they thought of the App and many mentioned just how much easier making school payments is now they can do it all on their phone, with many benefits mentioned. Here’s a look at what we found…

Easy, mobile payments!

“The app is great; it's easily accessible from my phone which is always with me so I always know what's going on at my daughter’s school with instant notifications. I can pay for school trips and dinner money easily through the app and I don't even need to have my payment details as payments can be made via PayPal!! Can't rate it highly enough!” F. Sullivan

No need to worry about having cash to hand

“I hardly ever have cash on me as you can pay on card for mostly everything now, so it's easy to forget to take money in for certain trips or dinners or after school clubs. With the app you can pay when you have money and it’s done and dusted - no worrying about putting it to one side to take to school.”  L. Dee

Making payments instantly

“The app is so easy to use and the payments part is great - it only takes a couple of minutes to top up my daughters dinner money account.” S. Grundy

Keeping track of what you’ve spent

“I like that I can check on spends and easily top up on the app, paying for trips is so easy now.” K. Reynolds

“It’s good to keep track of what you have paid and when!” L. Dee

Fitting in to parents busy, working day

 “One of the greatest things about this app is the shop function and the ability to manage lunch money online. I can now keep an eye on the account and top up via PayPal when I need to. Fits brilliantly into my working schedule.” K. Lacey

Too busy to remember!

“If I forget to give my son money for his dinner I can just go on the app to put it on for him!” C. Preston

“The reminder when funds are getting low is really helpful – I can’t believe how easy it is to top up dinner money!” F. Banner

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