Strategic software to manage the teacher retention crisis

Teacher retention crisis
By Toby Lester | 14th January 2019 | 8 min read

The teacher retention crisis continues to apply pressure to schools across the country. Schools in London are particularly feeling the strain, with more than four out of ten teachers quitting the profession within five years of qualifying. Secondary schools are facing a shortfall of 30,000 classroom teachers, and with pupil numbers set to increase by a huge 540,000 (19%) by 2025, school leaders are left searching for ways of managing staff shortages in both the short and long term.

A new ‘just passing through’ culture sees educators entering and leaving the teaching profession at an unprecedented rate. According to the DfE, there are three spikes in every academic year in which teachers are more likely to quit; in December, at the end of the school year in August, and, fast approaching, during the spring term in March. With the pressure of budget cuts, Ofsted ratings and demands for efficiency, a shortage of teachers is an additional unwelcome concern to consider this year.

Many teachers make no secret of their reasons for leaving the profession, voicing a lack of work/life balance as a primary issue. It is also clear that a school’s culture often plays an integral role in retention. Many teachers refer to an unsupportive working environment as a reason for their seeking teaching roles else-where.

For many multi-academy trusts (MATs), up to two hundred teachers can work across multiple sites and locations. As a result, creating a tight-knit environment in which staff feel valued and supported can be tricky. Many MATs are realising the benefits of new technologies in combatting HR-related issues, bridging physical distances with handy online platforms to connect staff and implement trust-wide policies and procedures, enforcing consistency where it matters most.

Designed specifically with schools, academies and MATs in mind, PS People is a complete software platform for HR, payroll, recruitment and staff development. The system enables strategic budgeting and planning in all areas, improving efficiency whilst emphasising the importance of individuals within an organisation, as well as the trust/school-wide staff team.

The online self-service platform empowers staff to grow in their roles by putting the tools in their hands to plan their Continued Professional Development. The platform enables teachers to set their own objectives and manage their personal HR profile, including sickness, holiday, contact and bank details, maternity and more. As a result, school management are better placed to budget for training, track qualifications and optimise planning and scheduling.

PS People modules are designed to save time in the office by replacing manual admin tasks with consistent, secure, accurate and automated digital processes. With a complete overview of staff across their MAT, school leaders are better placed to identify staff and skills shortages and make strategic decisions about teaching placements; for example, identifying opportunities for internal staff cover in place of costly supply teachers. As stated by National Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter, ‘a MAT has a larger talent pool, which can be deployed strategically to raise standards. The best chief executive understands how to mobilise their leaders and teachers and maintain a focus on those challenges needing the most attention’. PS People is the strategic tool you need to accurately analyse and forecast all staff-related costs and succession planning so that you can effectively manage and support your most important asset – your staff.

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