Top Tips for going Cashless!

Top Tips for going cashless 810 blogpopuo | Top Tips for going Cashless!
By Toby Lester | 20th November 2017 | 2 min read

For parents, it’s nearly always a hassle trying to find cash or the cheque book to pay for school items; it’s also time consuming for office staff to collect, count, audit, keep secure and physically bank money.

With school lunches, trips, uniforms and everyday school items, many schools collect thousands of pounds each term, which is why more and more schools are going cashless to make life easier for all involved.

With a socially inclusive online payment system like ParentMail, parents can pay in a way that suits them which increases take up - for example, the option to pay on their mobile App, through their computer or paying through PayPal, which allows parents to pay securely and conveniently simply by entering a password. For others who may not have access to a smartphone or computer, PayPoint allows parents to make payments offline, taking the barcode to their nearest PayPoint retailer to make the payment with cash.

Ready to go cashless? Here are our Top Tips…

  • Involve parents early on

The sooner you let parents know you’re going cashless, the better! Send them a letter and make sure you highlight the benefits for them. For those who are concerned about going digital, make sure they know you’re there to support them – once parents are set up and registered, they’ll be topping up and making payments in minutes with ease! Don’t just take our word for it; see feedback from parents about paying on a mobile app here.

  • One system for messages AND payments

The more systems you use, the more confused parents will be, so if you’re thinking of going cashless, think about what other applications you may want in place, such as communications, online forms or a parents’ evening booking system – once you know, you’ll be able to find one system that meets all your requirements which makes life much easier for your parents and in turn, your school.

  • Launch your school shop

There are no limits to what you can sell through ParentMail, so start thinking about whether you want to sell tickets to school performances, stationery, text books, donations, fees, computer equipment and much more! With built-in functionality to monitor stock, fulfil orders and keep on top of reconciliation, it couldn’t be easier!

  • Remember why you’re doing this!

As well as making it easier for your parents to pay for school items, you should also notice time savings for your office staff, so if you find you still have parents coming in to pay through the school office, make sure you tell them how much easier it can be for them and for you by paying online!

It’s no surprise that more and more school are switching to ParentMail when it comes to improving parental engagement and going cashless, with a reliable system that schools and parents can trust. Would you like to know about our Online Payments application? Get in touch today by calling 01733 595959 or email and we’ll get a free demonstration booked in!