Are you prepared for National Sickie Day?

Are you ready for National Sickie Day?
By Anthony Wolny | 16th January 2020 | 13 min read

“I can’t come in today, the dog ate my railcard.”

It’s that time of year again, 3rd February which is also known as National Sickie Day.

But what is National Sickie Day?

According to statistics, the first Monday in February is renowned for the most people pulling a sick day.

What causes National Sickie Day?

There’s a good number of theories as to why this day exists.

One of the most common being that it is the first payday after Christmas and as a result people are out enjoying the weekend.

So, maybe they are sick, just not the conventional type.

Another theory is that with it being the New Year, people tend to analyse all their life choices, coming to the conclusion that they need a new career path.

As a result, the majority of January is spent job hunting with interview season hitting February.

Last year, these combined factors linked to an estimated 350,000 absences!

Some of the best and most bizarre excuses given for a sick day

We’ve scoured the internet in search of some of the strangest excuses for calling in sick.

So, if you’re stuck in a ghost town on 3rd February, you can at least have a giggle at some of the most bizarre excuses.

  • “My roots are showing so I have to keep my hair appointment because I look like a mess.”
  • “I’m not leaving my house because it’s too cold outside.”
  • “I can’t come in, I’m trapped under my bed.”

How can small-to-medium-sized businesses prepare?

The key to handling National Sickie Day is having a modern HR solution and a strong grasp on HR processes.

During busy periods (National Sickie Day) or as your organisation grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain accuracy and transparency of absences.

Instead of informally managing absences, a next-generation solution such as IRIS HR allows employees to request their own holiday and log sick days from one unified portal that is available anywhere, any time.

However, IRIS HR can do more than manage absences, it can help you eliminate sickies all together.

Sickies are often the result of an unhappy employee, but by utilising IRIS HR you can drastically improve the employee experience.

IRIS HR features feedback, training and development modules that ensure you’re nurturing employees within the workplace, helping them achieve both personal and career goals.

For more information on how IRIS HR can support you, click here.