Axe or adopt: 7 things for a better HR future

By Anthony Wolny | 21st August 2020 | 3 min read

The coronavirus crisis and the lockdown have given organisations plenty of food for thought about how we do things in future.

It’s pretty clear that expectations and requirements have changed and will continue to do so.

But rather than see only the difficulties the pandemic has given rise to, we should look at the opportunities.

As we move on to the ‘next normal’, this is the time for businesses to reset, reorganise and build resilience.

It’s a great chance to assess how to do things better. Below are seven ideas to either axe or adopt to be thrive in the times to come:

1. AXE: Time wasted on employee admin

How much time do you currently spend on admin tasks? It’s likely to be way more than you need to. Self-service technology employees to manage their own personal data and work-life admin, including submitting annual leave requests and updating personal details. Not only does this reduce the number of admin tasks consuming your time, it ultimately increases engagement by giving employees control of their own personal data.

2. ADOPT: Quicker reporting

Are you getting the reporting data you need from spreadsheets? HR software provides you with a suite of inbuilt exports and reports at your fingertips. Speeding up the reporting process and allowing you run detailed and accurate workforce reports across your whole organisation. This gives you quick and easy access to all the data you need, so you can make evidence-based decisions that move your business forward.

3. AXE: Wasting money on hiring

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming but is so important to get right. HR software can enable you to manage your entire recruitment process from start to finish, and in a timely and cost-effective manner – allowing you to focus on finding the best candidate for your team.

4. ADOPT: Identify skills gaps

It’s important you can spot and then address the areas where your organisation needs to improve their capabilities, change course, and close the critical competency gaps (be it knowledge, skills or training)  that might prevent you from meeting business objectives. There are digital tools that can enable your organisation to identify these problems.

5. ADOPT: Automating tasks

Why stick with time-consuming manual processes when technology can take on that burden for you? Using HR software to automate tasks reduces the risk of human-error, streamlines your processes, and helps you achieve more with less.

6. ADOPT: Work from anywhere

The paramount importance of resilience and having a business continuity plan have been put into sharper focus than ever before by the COVID crisis. If your offices have to shut again in future – be it another pandemic, snow, or any emergency – your business can carry on seamlessly. To do this, you need software that works from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

7. AXE: Using multiple systems

Having more than one system looking after your people process is complicated. You struggle to find what you need, it’s difficult to control who has access to each bit of information, and you’re constantly trying to remember different log in details. Moving to an all-in-one HR solution will give you all the tools you need to support your employees in one secure place, including day-to-day HR tasks, recruitment, expenses, training and much more.

Sound good?

If you’re keen to benefit in the ways outlined above, then IRIS Cascade offers a solution, enabling you to axe or adopt in order to make improvements, as described.

By providing flexible, intuitive HR software, we help you to stop wasting time and to start save money instead.

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