Can the digital world make us more human?

By Anthony Wolny | 5th February 2020 | 6 min read

The impact of technological advancements on the modern workplace remains a hot HR topic.

Criticised for causing as many problems as it solves, advancing technology is often discussed with fear – how can we ensure that our digital data remains safe? Is staring at screens affecting our health? Will technology make our job roles redundant?

And is living in a digital world affecting our ability to remain human?

Our Chief People Officer, Stephanie Kelly, featured in an article for HR Grapevine this month discussing this very topic.

Contrary to common concerns, Stephanie makes a strong case for technology actually encouraging more human workplaces, resulting in better decision making, more freedom and increased innovation.

So, can the workplace of the future be full of technology and also very human?

Read Stephanie’s article here